1964 Sting Ray Coupe

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Shoved the Vette outside so I had enough room in the garage to paint the hood, doors and all the little items.

This red has no metallic in it so painting separate is not a problem. Just make sure the paint is mixed well.

Windshield leaked so I FILLED the area between the body and the rubber gasket with 3M #08509 sealer. It's black, sticky, and messy. I don't believe it will ever harden. Cleaned up the excess with Enamel reducer. No windshield leaks.

Door leaks are another matter.
Due to the high temperature and my painting ability, the clear has a bit of orange peel (the same as new Vettes).

Wet sanded with 1200-1500 and buffed it.

For Project '74 my thoughts are do the base coat one day, making sure it's just the way I want it. Do the clear coat the next day. We'll see.
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